• Mashkigwaatig


    The Mitigwaakiins at 1467 HWY 15 includes a lowland forest that is wet spring and fall. In the spring giziibwewed can be heard, and lots of bineshiinyag are seen in...
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  • Youth planting a tree

    Youth Climate Action Summit

    Youth want to take action to build a better planet together. We had the privilege of speaking to many of them at the Frontenac Arch Biosphere's recent Youth Climate Action Summit. In our talk,  It's All About Relationships: Little Forests and Local Action, we encouraged them to think about themselves as part of Nature with a central role in bringing forests back to their cities.
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  • Pocket little forests for urban yards

    Pocket little forests for urban yards

    Do you love trees and all the gifts they bring? We do! But trees, like people, prefer to live in communities. So instead of planting lonely trees in our yards, let's plant little forests! Together, let's invite magic back into our city. Let's plant little forests as poems, songs, love letters to the land.
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  • At the KSS Heart Garden

    Relationships, Part One

    Students at KSS through the Sweetgrass Circle, begin to build a relationship with the land, the trees and each other.
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  • Relationships, Part Two

    Relationships, Part Two

    Students in Grade 9 Art classes at Kingston Secondary School use Indigenous art to strengthen their own connections to Trees and Forests. To all their relations. 



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  • Tree planting at one home in the Kingscourt neighbourhood

    Kingscourt Leads the Way!

    As part of LFK's goal to make Kingston a 'City in a Forest" by 2030, we worked with our partners including the City of Kingston, to help Kingscourt residents increase their tree canopy. We will use this neighbourhood by neighbourhood model to spread the word and the trees to our city!


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  • Why I am volunteering with Little Forests Kingston

    Why I am volunteering with Little Forests Kingston

    It's all about community and relationships. Being part of Little Forests Kingston brings me into relationship with wonderful people and with our non-human kin. And it brings hope, laughter, learning and resilience to my life.
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