photo of kids celebrating planting of Little Forest at the Indigenous Food Sovereignty Garden. Text on image says Let’s make magic. Let’s re-enchant our cities. Let’s plant Little Forests as songs, poems, love letters to “all our relations” and experience the wonder & delight of a deepening relationship with the land.

Fall is here so it's time to plant some new Little Forests! The trees have begun to arrive and we’re expecting a whole lot more soon. Altogether we anticipate planting nearly 2500 trees in five Little Forests in the coming weeks!

If you would like to help with the plantings, we have a few ways you could get involved:
  • Planters: These are the people who plant the trees!
  • Coaches: If you have some planting experience perhaps you would consider being a coach and teaching others how to plant
  • Site organizers: There are also more organizational aspects to help with (e.g. helping keep the sites running smoothly)
  • Safety foresters: If you have a particular interest in keeping people safe, we are looking for “safety foresters” who are ideally trained in First Aid (but this isn’t a necessary requirement)
  • Site prep: there is still some site prep work to be done so if you’re into carting mulch around in wheelbarrows, raking, weeding, those sorts of things, we have the perfect job for you!

Picture of Tulip trees, slippery elms, pin cherries, sycamores and pawpaws that await their new homes in Kingston Little Forests!

Photo: Chloe Wilson: Tulip trees, slippery elms, pin cherries, sycamores and pawpaws await their new homes in Kingston Little Forests!

The full schedule isn't yet finalized, but here’s what we’re anticipating:

  • October 10-11: Final site prep at Seniors Centre (date/time to be confirmed)
  • October 14-15 (Saturday and Sunday): Planting at Seniors Centre. Planters / Coaches / Site Organizers / Safety Foresters
  • October 16-17 (Monday and Tuesday): Planting by school classes at Seniors Centre. Coaches / Site Organizers / Safety Foresters
  • October 17 (Tuesday): Planting at the Indigenous Food Sovereignty Garden 1467 HWY 15 starting at 8:30 am (mostly coaching/mentoring school kids)
  • October 18 (Wednesday): Planting any left-over trees at the Seniors Centre, final clean-up. Planters / Coaches / Site Organizers / Safety Foresters
  • October 19-27 (Dates/Times TBD): Composting and mulching the Little Forest site at 111 Van Order at the Kingston and Frontenac Housing Corporation inaugural Little Forest site! Coaches / Site Prep / Site Organizers / Safety Foresters
As you can see there is much to be done and we would so appreciate your help. Pass this on to friends and neighbours who might be interested too!

If you’d like to learn more about volunteering, or let us know a particular activity you’d like to get involved in, please contact Chloe at chloe at 

We’ll publish updates on planting days here as they’re finalized, so please check back.